Redefining Education


Welcome to Smartix Education! We provide solutions to all the educational needs of your ward. Our mission is to make learning fun and easy by making teaching aids cheap and readily available and to raise a generation of creative thinkers and innovative leaders who can make lasting and positive changes in the world.

Smartix has developed teaching aids in the form of an interactive web and android app, animated videos, activities, colourful books with illustrated pictures available in hard copy and also on the web and android apps. For more navigate to the Teleplay tab.

Smartix education also organizes vacation schools every summer for students from kindergarten upwards. For more on Summer Schools, navigate to the Summer School tab. We also partner with schools to train their teachers to implement the Smartix curriculum.

Creative Design

Creative design incorporates concepts from arts, science, agriculture, mathematics and computer science into hands on projects students can do all year round.


Experience Math in a different way with our interactive books and change the classroom experience of your students with our fun activities, games and puzzles.

Creative Writing

At Smartix, we believe the ability of a student to analyze a piece of writing and to express ideas clearly are at the base of any progress that can be made in all subject areas.

CS Curriculum

The CS curriculum is aimed at helping students develop their own algorithms in problem solving.

Creative Arts

The creativity and imagination of students are brought to bear through our creative arts curriculum.


Students explore their environment through experimentation and discovery and develop critical analytical skills required to succeed in life.


Transforming Tomorrow Today


We believe our curriculum, teaching aids and dedicated staff will bring educational transformation.


We believe quality education today is the most urgent need of Africa. It will usher in a wave of development and innovation.


We believe this is the urgent need of Africa and we are all committed to this course.


Annual Smartix Summer Schools - SSS

Smartix Education also organizes SMARTIX SUMMER SCHOOLS (SSS) annually to give students the Smartix experience. This 5 week event is held from July to August every year. At the summer school, students are introduced to our activity filled fun classrooms on math and science, creative design, computer science, the Teleplay app, and selected sessions on creative writing. Students also learn new educational fun games designed by Smartix Education while learning.

These are intended to help develop curiosity, imagination and inventiveness: critical elements needed to inspire a new generation of innovative students. The Summer School is run and taught by Smart ix Education staff and volunteers, many of whom are Engineers, doctors, and artists from top Universities and Colleges across the World.

The inaugural SSS was held at KNUST kindergarten in KUMASI with 140 students enrolling from kg1 through to primary 6. Class sizes ranged from 15 to 18. Look out for a Smartix summer school coming near your community.

SSS 2019

Summer School was Awesome
Preview to see just how

SSS 2020

Summer School for LOWER and
UPPER primary


Smartix Summer School 2020 is open to Volunteering



Smartix partners with private schools across the country to run the Smartix curriculum in their schools. Interested schools can contact us by mail, phone or in person. Smartix also trains teachers from private institutions on key elements of the curriculum and how to implement the creative design curriculum.

We also certify a number of our trained teachers who run the home schooling model of Smartix. Most of these teachers are part of our online army of teachers available to help students from their Teleplay apps.


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