Redefining Education

Last year Smartix Summer School (SSS) gave 144 students an experience of a life time. Majority of these students were the worst in their class and didn't particularly like school. They were introduced to activities and game based type of learning as well as creative design projects designed by the Smartix team and their creativity came to the fore.


SSS is coordinated by staff of Smartix, volunteers consisting of Doctors, engineers, scientists and artists and fellowship students from New York University and Stanford University. SSS is entirely free and volunteers are housed and fed.


This year SSS will be hosted in Ho and Kumasi and would have 300 students from deprived schools attending a 4 weeks program for free.
Below are details for mobile money transfer:



Send to MTN NUMBER (registered MoMo User): 024 118 7786
Account Name: Smartix Education

Click on the Momo image below to pay online

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Find a couple of pictures from SSS'18 from here.


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