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The current educational system is such that many students find the classroom a boring and frightening place where they are told how to think and forced to learn things they cannot relate to. This makes understanding concepts studied in science and math especially difficult and non-relatable. Smartix has designed a new curriculum in Creative Design (a project only course), math, science, English and computer science with focus on coding.

Smartix has also developed teaching aids such as the Teleplay app (web and android), animated videos, and colourful books with illustrated pictures available in hard copy and also on the Teleplay app.

The Teleplay app enables your ward to have access to all textbooks for any grade, to watch animated videos from our YouTube page, ask Teachers questions directly while studying and also ask questions to all app users. There is a wealth of material on our web app or download the android version.

We also have colourful illustrated books for your wards on science and math. Visit any of our offices today for your Smartix books. You can also get copies at Kingdom books. You can also get the customized Teleplay Tablet fitted with the Teleplay app, our books and animated videos from our offices.

Creative Design

Creative design incorporates concepts from arts, science, agriculture, mathematics and computer science into hands on projects students can do all year round.


Experience Math in a different way with our interactive books and change the classroom experience of your students with our fun activities, games and puzzles.

Creative Writing

At Smartix, we believe the ability of a student to analyze a piece of writing and to express ideas clearly are at the base of any progress that can be made in all subject areas.

CS Curriculum

The CS curriculum is aimed at helping students develop their own algorithms in problem solving.

Creative Arts

The creativity and imagination of students are brought to bear through our creative arts curriculum.


Students explore their environment through experimentation and discovery and develop critical analytical skills required to succeed in life.

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