TRANSFORMING Tomorrow, Today

Redefining Teaching and Learning

Our vision is to make learning fun and easy by making teaching aids cheap and readily available and to raise a generation of creative thinkers and innovative leaders who can make lasting and positive changes in the world.
We designed Teleplay to achieve this goal.


Tools that teachers need

Send messages, assign assignment tasks, set quizzes, and get performance analytics while making learning accessible anywhere. We consolidate all your classroom tools.

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A platform students love

Raise your confidence, find your voice, and experience what it means to be a digital citizen. Empower your learning and become part of a vibrant classroom community.

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Updates that parents want

Stay in the loop with your ward's lesson-quiz performance, stay in sync with teachers, and support learning at home. See classroom activity and grades at a glance to help students stay on track.

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TBL… a complete approach to teaching and learning

The Teleplay Blended Learning(TBL) program enables schools to integrate the Smartix Teleplay app into their academic system.
This program has advantages for students, for teachers and for schools in the areas of lesson assistance, homework assignments and live teacher interactions.



Teachers can assign lessons to students to complete before the start of a class to help them prepare better for the class. Teachers also get analytics on questions that students in their class are struggling with from the app to help drive the focus of the class.

Lesson assistance

Teachers can get ideas from the app on how to teach lessons in more practical terms. Simply search for a lesson on the app by typing in keywords, check how these lessons were introduced on the app and just adapt theirs.

Live teacher interactions

Teachers can interact with students in their class outside of normal school hours through class groups on the live teacher section of the app.

Smartix Summer School - SSS

Smartix Summer School (SSS) is a flagship program of Smartix School, a registered non-profit Organization committed to helping underprivileged and underperforming students reach their potential.

The purpose of the school is to introduce students to a new experience of learning than they are used to: activity, projects and game based learning in the field of Maths, Science, Creative design, creative arts and creative writing.